1. kawaiikitten30:

    Kawaii Potatoes Everywhere. Sasha would be proud.

  2. mikasa-ackerman:

    when the ending to an anime doesn’t satisfy you:


    Wild baby buns in their natural habitats.

    (Check captions for stories)

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  3. dragonpokemonart:

    IM EXCITED with the hoenn remakes it means we see a come back of probably the best group of dragons out of any pokemon generation FRICK YEA


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  4. starrien:

    color swap;; this looks so weird omg

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    10 Days of SNK | Day 3: A scene that made you smile-> "My faith in humanity."

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  5. shinypinkbottle:

    "Green Tree" - February 2011

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  6. osamah:


    Oh these pies aren’t homemade, they were made in a factory.

    A bomb factory.

    They’re bombs.

    who the fuck thought up the plot for this episode

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  7. sweetsweetsweetie:


    A small, colored Mark for all your small, colored Mark needs. Also in a text post because a picture post makes it big and fuzzy.

    It’s transparent, too o/

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